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Artist Bio

Jana Winters Parkin grew up playing in her father's art studio. Holding the brush together, dipping it in water and paint, they watched it dispel color across a pristine sheet of textured paper. He babysat her through her first few paintings until she developed her own confidence and facility with the medium. He taught her a love of watercolor that has lasted throughout her life, and by age 15 neighbors and relatives were already asking her to create custom drawings and paintings for purchase. At 17 her work garnered a Special Award and a cash prize from the Springville Museum of Art.

In 1988 she moved to Los Angeles, where she worked as an artist and designer for nearly 20 years, 15 of those spent running her own design studio. She also taught at Glendale College. She maintained a broad range of high-profile clients, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Hollywood Bowl, and Walt Disney Concert Hall, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Scott Newman Center/Paul Newman, Victory Over Violence/Michelle Pfeiffer, Sabera Foundation/Melanie Griffith, Breez Fragrances, Rhino Records, Capitol Records/EMI Music and InStyle Magazine's Golden Globe Award invitations, all of whom also used or commissioned her original watercolors for publication.

Jana's art consequently has a California flair with vibrant color and exuberant brushstrokes, capturing the essence and spirit of both landscapes and figures with her characteristic joie de vivre. Her inspiration is found not only in her travels, but in the beauty, light and color of everyday life, and she has a visceral response to its effects. Whether jubilant and bold, or calm and serene, each painting is a celebration of Life, Energy and Creation.

In addition to her father, watercolorist and art educator Nathan B. Winters, she has studied with and cites as her primary influences: George Dibble, Rose Ann Peterson, Carl Purcell, and Joseph Stoddard. She has studied at the Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, the University of Cambridge in England, and numerous watercolor workshops. She received her BFA in Art from the University of Utah.

Jana has recently relocated to Utah, where she is enraptured by the mountain vistas and enjoys devoting her new-found time to her watercolors. She is an active member of the Utah Watercolor Society, having participated in workshops and won two awards at the most recent exhibition. She is currently teaching watercolor at Utah Valley University.

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